We utilize several technologies for every project. We determine which platform and technology will work best for our clients. This gives us the ability to create a custom solution for our clients that will be flexible and functional.

ColdFusion 9

Adobe ColdFusion is a server side language used to develop dynamic web pages. Depending on the project, we will use ColdFusion for dynamic content loading, web applications, and database communication.


We use Flex to develop custom Flash based web applications. Unlike traditional web pages, applications built with Flex are considered Rich Internet Applications. RIA's have reduced load times, enhanced functionality, and generally give the user a more interactive experience.


JQuery is a class based framework that is also used to produce Rich Internet Applications. Since all of the processing is done on the fly, it reduces page reloading and gives the user a more interactive experience.


Structured Query Language

We use SQL to store and retrieve information from databases. We have experience with Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL. We use SQL for projects that require data storage and retrieval of information.



We use HTML to display web site content. HTML has been used for years to display visual elements within web pages. We pair HTML with other technologies such as Javascript and CSS to create a more intuitive experience.


Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is the foundation for styling web pages. We use CSS to create custom style classes to enhance the aesthetics of web based interfaces. CSS also makes web styles easier to maintain.


Need a blog or a website that gives you full control over your content? WordPress is the industry standard for blog's and CMS (Content Management System) based websites.